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About us

Company overview

Beija Flor is a design studio set up to bring the inspiring beauty of ancient tiles back into our home.  Made with love and care, our products combine the beauty of the past with the practicality and affordability of the modern living space.

Our designs are born from spirituality, power and beauty.  From our small boutique studio, these elegant geometric designs are now being sold across the world.

Beija Flor means “The Kisser of flowers” – The hummingbird in Portuguese. Beija Flor products kiss the space they are in. We invite you to choose a design to beautify your home.

A ruby-throated hummingbird flying into a petunia flower.

Our values

Inspiration – we create products with sacred geometric designs based exclusively from authentic tiles rediscovered from our past.
Our decorative patterns aim to provide harmony and inspiration for our customers.

Quality – we believe the beauty of our mats should last.
Our mats developed with an extra durable and strong PVC that enables a deep print within the vinyl to maintain a high quality design.

Professionalism – we employ an experienced and knowledgeable team to ensure your needs are met quickly and your questions are answered.

Practicality – we have developed mats to serve the needs of the modern home and work space. Our vinyl mats are easy to maintain and are effortlessly moved to beautify any space you choose.


Our Inspiration

Beija Flor finds its inspiration in special symmetric geometric patterns.
Originating hundreds of years ago and perfected over generations, these decorative patterns aim to provide harmony, balance and inspiration to their audience.

The belief that the universe was created according to a geometric plan has ancient origins. In sacred geometry, symbolism and sacred meanings are ascribed to certain shapes.
The Flower of Life used in our tiles [link to family page of tiles or add a picture of it] is found in the early Egyptian culture and is considered one of the most ancient shapes.]
The Golden Section Over the years, we have found the mat which was closest in its rectangular proportion to the Golden Section is one of our most popular mats (60cm x 100cm). To make this mat even more pleasing for our customers, we changed its proportions to more closely resemble the Golden Section (60cm x 97cm 97/60=1.617). This mathematical proportion derived from The Fibonacci series, is found all around us in nature and in great artworks.  The Golden Section is represented in the Golden Rectangle in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter side is the Golden Section.

Our materials

We are proud to say as high quality manufactures that our vinyl PVC products comply with the strictest safety and quality standards in Europe. We comply with IS 540 and foreign standards such as the British Standard 3261.  We are REACH approved on the use of chemical substances within our products by the European Union Regulation.

Made of high quality, calendared multiple, layered PVC sheeting combined with sand embossed fine-quality printing, our products are  water proof.   Our bottom vinyl PVC layer is partially recyclable helping us reduce our footprint on the environment we care for.

With a flexible, PVC floor covering, our mats do not collect dust, are hypoallergenic and can easily be moved from room to room.

We invite you to try one of our products and see our quality for yourself.

soggiorno rustico

About the owner

 “Our history has provided us with a treasure of beauty, it is our task to rediscover this powerful source…”

I am attracted to designs around a central axis. During my travels I had started to search for artifacts, tiles, frescoes and pictures of geometric patterns. This brought together a wide collection that is the core of  Beija Flor.

My passion is to take a piece of history and make it available for each home.
Beija Flor was founded by Maya Kounievsky in 2007.  Maya is a Design Graduate from Haifa and is an experienced designer and creative artist.
Choose a geometric design to beautify your home.

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