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First steps

For shipping purposes, each mat arrives as a roll. If the mat fails to flatten, simply reverse-roll the mat and lay it within a safe distance from a mild heat source until it softens a little, then spread the mat on the floor and wait a bit until it flattens out completely


  • Wash the mat with soap and water and leave to dry before placing it back on the floor
  • All floor cleaning liquids should be okay
  • Do not use acid bleach or chlorine
  • Make sure both the mat and the floor are dry and then place the mat on the floor

Special care

  • Do not drag heavy furniture across the Mat
  • Do not fold the mat! If transported or stored – either lay it flat or roll it up
  • For indoor use only. Can be used in shaded patio or balcony
  • Do not place the mat in wet environments as they become slippery once water gathers on the upper surface.


  • Wipe with wet cloth and leave to dry
  • Do not wash in dishwasher
  • Do not use acid or chlorine
  • Store flat or rolled (do not fold!)
  • Do not put boiling hot pots pans directly on placemats, that’s what our trivets are for
  • Make sure table surface and placemats are dry before placing



  1. Make sure the desired surface is clean, dry and preferably smooth
  2. Gently peel back a bit of the paperback from one of the 4 sides
  3. Carefully begin to stick the side facing the surface
  4. Use a dry cloth or a squeegee to gently rub the sticker on to the surface smoothing it out and pushing out air bubbles as you gradually continue to apply the sticker in its entirety.


  • If necessary, the stickers can be removed from most hard surfaces with no damage or residue, other than when applied directly on painted wall, in which case some peeling and slight damage may occur.
  • In case applied inaccurately, the sticker can be removed and re-applied if done instantly.
  • Do not place directly on and/or next to a fire, fireplace or stove