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Raw Collection


The story behind our new line begins from our strong attraction to raw material. We are intrigued with how the history of life and nature are engraved on its surface in the intense and undisguised aging process. We wanted to create a product which is like clay in the potter’s hand. A product that holds the potential for any creative use in all space dimensions. We bring to you the raw concrete, wood and metal with all its magnificence signs of aging and rustiness

Designer Sheet

Much like clay in the potter’s hand the Designer Sheet holds the potential for any creative use in all space dimensions over and over again.

It is a multipurpose highly photogenic texture sheet that holds the power and qualities to define and emphasize a specific area of interest and bring about another level of aesthetic depth and sophistication to the space it is in.


The Raw mats holds a rare opportunity to be playful in a usually very committing decision. These mats create a materialistic feel which sparks up your floor

Raw Roll Stickers

Raw Placemats

Raw Trivets

Raw Coasters