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Concrete – RW-C1


Designer Sheet

Much like clay in the potter's hand the Designer Sheet holds the potential for any creative use in all space dimensions over and over again.
It is a multipurpose highly photogenic texture sheet that holds the power and qualities to define and emphasize a specific area of interest and bring about another level of aesthetic depth and sophistication to the space it is in
Every product is one of a kind – due to difference in color, resolution and screen quality on every device, please allow slight variations in colors between the images on your screen and the real life products.

  • Due to printing process product size can vary up to 3%. Our products are manually cut to assure one of a kind experience
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Handle and Care


The designer sheet Can be applied in a variety of ways depending on the surface and personal preference, including nails, screws, double sided adhesive tape and even staples. If needed, use a Stanley knife and ruler to adjust the size and fit
Apply on a completely clean and dry surface.
Do not tape the entire frame to allow your surface a little breathing room
We do not recommend installing on walls subjected to moisture infiltration such as bathrooms to avoid mold accumulation
Do not place next to a fireplace


The designer sheet has strength and stability of its own and therefore can be easily mobilized without damaging it.
If transported or stored roll it up firmly, do not fold


Wipe regularly with wet cloth and leave to dry
Do not use acid, bleach or chlorine.


Material: Cushion vinyl sheet
Total Thickness: 2.00 mm
Total weight: 1250gr/m2, 52.7 oz/yd2